week one

We arrived Thursday morning (the longest day of the year - seriously) after 24 hours of flying and two stop-over's. The sun was due to set at approx 10pm in the evening :: we managed to say awake until 4pm.

:: an anxious wait as we watched the sun rise ::

:: the view from Rene + Dan's in Putney (SW London) ::

After a sleeping marathon (4pm Thursday - 11am Friday)
It was off to town....

:: brothers reunited (dr who style) ::

:: Trafalgar Square looking out towards Big Ben ::

:: St James park ::

:: residents of St James park ::

:: strawberries £2.99 for a kilo - nana would love this place ::

:: swans at Kensington gardens ::

:: well there is no escaping the City News... although
the UK version has more of an enquirer angle ::

:: juice of the week - so much choice lucky
we have a year to try them all ::

:: how could the blog be complete without a red bus ::
(I know this will be difficult - please restrain from subbing GW;)