Christmas in London

I must say the folks here in London sure know how to celebrate. From Waterloo to Camden Town, each corner of the city was decorated with fairy lights, animated characters and tinsel. It was impossible not to 'tis the season' with the shops playing traditional tunes and the chill in the air adding to the excitement. Each morning Steve and I would wake up and look out the window hoping for the spirit of Christmas to fall from the sky.

It seemed only fitting we celebrate with a trip to Hyde Park for the traditional Christmas Winter Wonderland.

:: other festive activities - ice skating @ summerset house ::

:: summerset house - decorations::

:: summerset house - Tiffany's Christmas tree - I am sure one of those presents under the tree has my name on it ::
:: have you ever seen anything like this? ::

:: one of the guys at work make this xmas tree - yes it's a cake! ::

:: christmas on lordship lane ::

:: no stone left unturned - even the wheel barrow gets christmas lights! ::
:: oxford street lights ::
:: xmas reef collection - each door in the neighbourhood was different! ::

:: Christmas Day ::
I was spoilt on Christmas day with phone calls and goodies from home, an English feast and some nice pressies from Santa!

The first call was 4am - from the Lynn's Christmas lunch (mum's side of the family) via skype. I missed the festivities back home, it's nice to see the family over December. Everyone sounded very happy and I was pleased my nana was able to join in the fun this year. It was another fabulous xmas day, no different to any other except I wasn't there to help devour the muddies, bugs and prawns. Keep those nets out Alan - we'll be home soon!

The second call was 4pm - yes they were still going - a little slurry, 7 bottles of red and a few cigars later, the phone got passed round the Brewster table (dad's side of the family). From what I could make out I missed quite a Christmas. With a new family member adding the sparkling craft glue that stuck the day together like no other. Bella you're an Angel - Welcome to the family.

Thank you to everyone for our beautiful gifts and cards. Mum and Marlz your cards where amazing - I will take some pictures and post in my next blog edition. Mum I love my new handbag, the scarf's are keeping me warm too. Nana you really spoil me - thank you for the pearls and Steve is stoked about his pen! You have no idea how perfect that is for him.
To my other mum and dad (Alex and Lesley) - thanks for the special treats, we would have taken pictures except the Aussie sweets, chocolate and macadamia nuts lasted about 10min lol!

:: a special package from home - thank you marlz ::
:: a special gift from santa - tickets to the theatre ::

:: Yum Cha ::
You can take the girl out of Hong Kong but you can't take Hong Kong out of the girl!

I seem to be able to sniff out a Dim Sum restaurant a mile away. I love how they serve Dim Sum in the evenings here. This cute restaurant is called Ping Pong, over looking Southbank and the London Eye we couldn't wish for a better location.

:: When I ordered a Jasmine tea I was given a glass with a giant dried ball inside - After adding hot water the ball at the bottom of the cup transformed into this gorgeous flower! ::

:: hot water added ::

:: 30 seconds after hot water was added - vola, got to get some of these!
(dried Jasmine tea flowers, Australian customs would love it) ::

:: take a look at the ceiling ::

:: coconut puff - baked puff filled with coconut, topped with honey and sesame seeds, served with a scoop of coconut ice cream mmmm yeah ::

The Sales ::
Ok we all love a good shop but boxing day sales eeekk don't be silly, I stayed right away, it is manic here in London when the sales start. I was reading about two women who were fighting over jeans! No thank you. I was also told the lines were two hours out the door just to make a purchase! so I didn't really go to the sales but I did poke my head in a few shops around my work.

:: lunch with Ashley @ market place - a very special friend who has been there for me since I arrived, good friends like you are rare Ash - you are one in a million ::

:: Holiday Report ::
Ok previous travels exposed us to some gorgeous cities see here...

To add to our adventures we have a few water-free holidays coming up so keep an eye on the blog for weekends away - some of which will be Milan, Barcelona, Valencia, Munich and Prague!

:: happy new year! ::