week 2

As Rene poured me a glass of perfectly sweet wine she began to tell us about the dreaded "Heathrow Injection" - you see, Aussies come over to live in the UK only to gain weight enjoying the patisseries, gourmet markets, take-out, drinking culture, and indulging in other tasty treats. As we all laughed, I began to sip my wine and thought about the two tubs of Ben & Jerry's we easily consumed a few days earlier ;)

You only live once right!

Ok so this week we were planning to line up for Wimbledon tickets however the forecast was rain, rain and more rain so we opted for something undercover. The Covent Garden Markets were first on our list (member these Kirst). Although they were undercover the pointy ends of umbrellas, wet shoes and big crowds soon persuaded us to head home. Sunday's weather was much the same so we stayed inside and applied for some jobs. Most Aussies tell us it takes between two and three months to get work.

:: happy birthday to me - thank you steve ::

:: bday drinks with my gorgeous cousin ::

:: a birthday pimms ::

:: we all know which bridge this is ::

We caught up with Kasey for some site seeing and a birthday drink. Then it was off to dinner with Jenn and Steve at Shakespeare’s Head for some English pub food. And what can I say - they really cater for the fussy eater, check out the selection of condiments....

Tuesday we went to Oxford
Kirsty: do you remember the smell of cookies when we got off the bus?
Well it's still there; this is for you gorgeous......

:: christ church meadow building (look familiar?) ::

:: christ church war memorial gardens ::

:: christ church college - tom quadrangle (recognise this yet?) ::

:: christ church college - dining hall (marlz ask harry he will give you a hint) ::
Ok answer = Hogwarts School from the Harry Potter Movies!

:: christ church college - entrance ::

:: oxford undercover markets ::

:: eighteenth-century radcliffe camera ::

:: view from the church of st mary the virgin ::

:: the climb back down ::

:: lollypop buildings ::

:: all souls college ::

:: the quirkier side of oxford ::

:: oxford university's private library i love this building ::

:: the bridge of sighs ::

:: magdalen bridge punting boats ::

:: twas a big day for my boys ::

:: a special dinner - fabulously cooked by Kasey (what a darling) ::

:: juice of the week ::

:: something else yummy - just add water ::
PS - we both have some very strong job leads - will tell you more next week!
:: The fantastic panoramic shots are steve's very fancy handy work ::