the truth about water

Ok I have an interesting story for the blog this week and I am very happy to be alive to tell it! Yes close call for little Bonnie. Despite what I have read, there is so much as too much water! Has anyone ever heard Water Intoxication also known as Hyperhydration or Water Poisoning? Well let me tell you - first hand – all about it!

A few weeks ago Steve and I took a weekend trip to Amsterdam. I was so excited after reading about the gorgeous city and was looking forward to providing my loyal bloggers with some pretty pictures of the impressive canals, wooden clogs and funky city streets. Instead all I have is this message of warning.....


After arriving on Friday night with camera in hand, I was not feeling 100% - nursing a small cold I was a touch dehydrated. Determined to fight the bad germs, I did what any healthy person would; ate veggies, got rest and stayed hydrated by drinking water. Ok so maybe a little too much of the water because next thing I remember was waking up in hospital on Wednesday with drips and cords hanging off my body, doctors standing over me and Steve by my side. I was dumbfounded after I discovered why. By drinking too much water my sodium levels dropped causing me to have a seizure in our hotel room. I know the question all have...... how much water did I drink? Well they estimate I drank 8 litres in 4 hours! I honestly don’t think I drank that much but I wasn't well and I am little.

It was a very close call and I was lucky Steve was there and the doctors were fast in diagnosing the problem. I can not remember anything from Friday night through to Wednesday. Probably a good thing because I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus with bruises everywhere! Anyway since this has happened I have been told many stories of others who have been through the same thing. People who have been told by doctors to fast (not eat) for operations and drink lots of water. After doing so they also had seizures and fell into comas. And others like the lady below - unfortunately she wasn't as lucky as me....

Here is a link on Hyperhydration if you are interested

Please don't worry because I am feeling 100% better every day and I am doing everything I can to ensure I make a full recovery. Since arriving back in London I have had several doctor checks to ensure my sodium is on track. Belinda you will be pleased to hear I have contacted Stephen. For those of you who don't know, Stephen is a fantastic chiropractor over here.

In the name if a speedy recovery Super foods are all the buzz this week, with my first pomegranate ripe for eating. Now without my food guru (my gorgeous nana) I was a little lost when it came to de-seeding this puzzle of a fruit. After spending a good 2 minutes delicately using a fork, I got impatient and went straight for the kill. Gosh and to think there are ladies out there that patiently make Pomegranate jam (noooo thanks).

:: pomegranate + blueberry granola ::

:: scrummylish treats with girlfriends - Rene, Camille and I went to Valeries, this cute patisserie in Soho. There were so many tasty treats it was hard to decide what to have - marlz, felicia you would have loved this ::