Something different - Our First Hostel Experience!

The Lonely Planet recommended The
Feet-Up Hostel. Located in the heart of Valencia’s beautiful and historic Barrio El Carmen district, it was perfect for sight seeing adventures. This wasn't standard hostel accommodation. We stayed in one of the 10 private rooms. These rooms were quirky to say the least, each individually themed by local artists. It felt very personal and more like a bed and breakfast than a hostel. When we arrived late on Friday there was one room left so our first night was spent in the strangest room - titled "Insomnia" and it was so bizarre!

:: Table + chairs in our room ::

:: The lights in our room! ::

:: This was one of those blue lights - it made everything white glow like crazy ::

:: Needless to say we requested a change of scenery for our second night and moved to "China" ::

Other rooms in the hotel were titled Sexy Love, Hotel California, Safari, Kimono etc. The whole theme thing was pretty cool but the hostel environment wasn't really our cup of tea. No air-con, room service, private bathroom, complementary bath products (although most of the time they are rubbish) and no slippers! The sheets were a very low thread count - so low, they had those nasty little balls on them. It makes me itch just thinking about it! The mattress was springy and the duvet was more like a dog blanket. The experience was fun but it is unanimous, we will be sticking to hotel's from now on.

:: Mercado Central - One of the oldest markets in Europe, with over 8 centuries of history, it is still buzzing in a stunning building which is worth seeing whether you want to shop or not ::

:: This was live seafood - the little slimy white bits kept moving
in and out of their shell-type bodies ::

:: Colourful streets near the markets ::

:: More seafood ::

:: Llotja de la Seda - late Gothic style civil building, built between 1482 and 1548 ::

:: The Trading Hall inside Llotja de la Seda - also called Hall of Columns ::

:: The fountain in front of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento ::

:: The city is covered in graffiti - but it looks nice, colourful + artistic ::

:: Llotja de la Seda ::

:: Stained glass inside Llotja de la Seda ::

:: Plaza De Toros - The main bullfights take place here - we were one month to early (thank goodness) 18 metres high with a diameter of 52 metres. The stands have 24 metres tiers. To be honest - it just looked like a very old Suncorp Stadium;)

:: These are box seats! ::

:: The fruit Valencia is famous for ::

:: Spanish social Sunday's ::

:: Plaza de la Virgen ::

:: La Catedral de Valencia ::

:: The fountain in Plaza de la Virgen ::

:: Scary snacks - look how angry the little guy is ::

:: Street performer in the old quarter ::

:: A magnificent old building situated in the old Quarter of the city. I am told this has been the home of the mythical Holy Grail for the last 500 years

:: El Miguelete - The Miguelete bell tower is a hexagonal Gothic tower looking out over Plaza de la Reina. The main bell in the tower was blessed back in 1418. We climbed 207 extra large steps to reach the top. I was feeling the burn after 20!!! ::

:: Roof tops of Valencia's Old Town ::

:: The 207 extra large steps we had to climb - I am still feeling the burn ::

:: View from the top ::

:: Plaza de la Reina and the bell tower we just climbed ::

I am not sure what the Spanish do all day. The streets seem empty and the shops are closed. But as soon as the sun sets the place is packed! Restaurant's don't even open until 8.30pm. What a lifestyle!

:: Dinner at Plaza de la Reina - cute little restaurant called
La Fonda ::

:: Plaza de la Virgen by night ::

:: Placa de l'Ajuntament ::

:: Torres de Serranos ::

:: This cute sign is sure to help us find our way ::

:: Palau de les Arts and L'hemisferic (Centre of Arts and Science) ::

:: Late Sunday afternoon we came across a fabulous restaurant called Shintori Wok - all you can eat Japanese food! ::

:: Happy Birthday Steve - It was Steve's birthday on 14 February. We received some yummy treats from Australia. Do you like how I say "we" hehe. These lasted about two minutes! ::

:: It was Valentines day and although it was Steve's birthday I felt like it was mine too! When I got to work the boys who work in our team had arranged a little surprise for all the ladies ::

:: My work mates with the cake - it didn't take us long to devour the lot! ::

:: Gorgeous flowers from Steve ::

:: Rene + Dan's farewell at Sugar Reef - Miss you already Rene ::