it's christmas time!

:: this is one of the work xmas paries I have been invited to..... in GERMANY! ::

:: our special little xmas tree ::

:: are these the cutest gloves you have ever seen... they have attachable little hoodies for your fingertips ::

:: shoes from portabello road markets ::

:: a cute knit dress ::

:: one day on oxford street - the shopping here is amazing! I am loving short leg jeans + tiny shoes that actually fit my feet - so in dedication to all things gorgeous I have finally posted some long-awaited shopping pics ::

:: this was my very first purchase - I picked this vintage number up at the antique markets in Belgium ::

:: how cute are these bags - i had to buy three I couldn't decide ::

:: i could never resist a japanese wrap - ok that's enough for now or people will start to think I have a problem, I will post some more next blog ::

:: my typical work morning - on the way to the train station (2min walk) ::

:: waiting for my morning train ::

:: crossing london bridge ::

:: some morning's the fog is so heavy it's hard to see tower bridge ::

:: walking the bank district - I feel like a pin-ball in a slot machine - so many people pushing + shoving I am glad to make it to work in one piece ::

::Ahhh my morning coffee - I dream about this! ::

:: the leaves are starting to change colour it's a beautiful season in London ::

:: our local flower shop - I am lucky enough to receive special flowers from here when I am a good girl - since taking this picture they have started to sell the pine xmas trees on the street corners it's gorgeous ::

:: autumn in east dulwich ::
:: madam tussads - it had to be done! ::
:: he can't really be that tall ::

:: saturday brunch in east dulwich - from the markets off lordship lane - we usually wonder down after a sleep in and pick up some special nibbles for the morning::

::steve took these amazing shots while crossing london bridge on a cold morning::
:: the view from the dresdner building ::

:: a day at the zoo ::