:: Roof tops of Prague ::

:: Just in time for the Easter markets + hand painted eggs! ::

:: Traditional Czech sweets - Rolled dough with cinnamon + sugar - they are so yummy and taste like doughnuts ::

:: The Famous Astronomical Clock (Prague Orloj) - the clock has three main components: the astronomical dial (position of the sun + moon), the Walk of the Apostles (figures that move on the hour) and a calendar dial ::

:: The climb inside the Clock Tower ::

:: It was worth it - amazing view from the top ::

:: Tyn Church - Prague is known as the city of a hundred spires, and there is no better place to start your count than here! This looks like something out of a fairy tale ::

:: Lone busker on Charles Bridge ::

:: Crossing Charles Bridge (click to enlarge) ::

:: Entertainment on the bridge ::

:: Charles Bridge (click to enlarge) ::

:: Tyn Church by night ::

:: Charles bridge by night ::

:: Prague metro ::

:: Hotel room - look at the towels on the bed - isn't that cute ::

:: Traditional Prague sweets ::

:: These cute little guys were blog-worthy - I saw them in one of the gift shops ::

:: Puppets, puppets everywhere! Prague is famous for marionette puppet shows ::

:: Don Giovanni is transformed into a marionette puppet show and is consistently rated as the most popular production. This is not the original Don Giovanni puppet theatre it's just a copy. Apparently when the gipsies of Prague realised they could attract tourists with the famous puppet show, imitation theatres started popping up everywhere. We did stumble across the original theatre by pure fluke just before our flight home - it's a little further into the trip ::

:: Inside St Nicolaus Church - this church was amazing, the ceiling, the walls, tiny paintings and sculptures. We spent quite a while in here - simply stunning ::

:: St Vitus Cathedral ::

:: Looking out from Hradcany district ::

:: Powder Tower ::

:: Tyn Church ::

:: Special decorations for Easter ::

:: Look at all these hand painted eggs ::

:: Municipal House ::

:: This French restaurant at Municipal House had stunning art nouveau interiors, including works from Alphonse Mucha. We didn't realise bookings had to be made in advance! Lucky enough we manage to talk one of the waiters into letting us stay for one quick drink while a reserved table was unoccupied ::

:: On my tip toes - looking out over the wall at the top of Hradcany ::

:: The original Don Giovanni puppet theatre! I saw the little puppet from the end of the street so we walked down to take a photo. We stood outside and took a few pictures until one of the staff members came out. We thought he was going to tell us to stop with the photos but instead he invited us in. He could speak English and loved Australia - Guess what, we got a full tour of the theatre!!! ::

:: Three of the original seven dwarfs ::

:: Backstage - we were just in time for a puppet show but could only stay for a short time as we had a flight to catch ::

:: Some of the puppets backstage ::

:: Original puppets on display in the green room - yes even puppet shows have green rooms ::

:: These little guys were new but too cute to leave out ::

:: What's on in Prague ::

:: Just enough time for one last treat - remember those cinnamon + sugar doughnut things - they are just too good! As we sat and enjoyed the ambience of the Easter markets, we saw someone drop a cob of corn on the ground and before we could blink it was picked up by some random guy. He sat on the ground as he ate the corn in a matter of seconds. There was steam still coming off the corn it was that hot! Then it was straight into the bin for desert (ewwww)! ::

:: I mentioned Alphonse Mucha earlier as his work was displayed in Municipal House. We also came across the Mucha museum and Felicia you were right – I loved it!
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:: I received a gorgeous package in the mail today. When I saw Marz writing I couldn't open it fast enough. It felt like Christmas - take a look at my goodies ::
:: MOR products - Marlz you know me too well - I am loving their new range of body creams especially Flowers of Narcissus ::

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:: This is a belated blog image - one of the beautiful cards we received at Christmas time - you are so talented mum ::

On Monday morning we woke to the sound of gale force wind and rain blowing against the bedroom window. I thought some kind of tornado warning might be issued. It turns out it was just London weather with winds reaching 75mph! My poor umbrella lasted less than two minutes so it was a quick sprint to the train station. The wind blew me off the ground a few times lol. After a day of sideway rain, yes it rains sideways here!!! I thought it would be best to invest in a stronger umbrella - check out my new bubble - how cool is this. Bring on the rain I'm ready now.

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