week 15

Hip Hip - we have internet connection! Thanks to Steve's handy work with our computer we now have over 50 digital TV channels and the internet!

I have finally been able to check my emails and join facebook (sorry it took so long guys). Thanks for the lovely comments: GW- the holiday sounds fabo, Tam - baby girl woooooooohoooooooo, Dee - you know you are the best, Helen & Liz (miss you all at CEAD), Char - I am finally on facebook!

We have some firsts to share with you:
:: our first weekend away (Belgium)

:: my first shopping purchase, my second, third, fourth, well you know what it's like
:: our first £20 train fine

We travelled on the Eurostar to the land of comics, chocolate, waffles, lace and Manneken Pis! As we walked the cobble-stone streets the smell of melted chocolate filled the air. Clearly Belgium was for those who enjoy the sweet pleasures life has to offer! Guylian, Cote D'or, Godiva, Leonidas are just a few of the famous Chocolatiers scattered throughout the heart of Brussels. Because chocolates are made on the premises deep breaths are required at all times (the smell is amazing). The waffle stalls and shop windows displayed fondue fountains dripping with delicious tasty goodness simply too hard to resist. The Pralines, so perfect my mouth began to salivate before I even opened the box! Chocolate coated coffee beans, nuts, currants, lollies, strawberries. The land of Willy Wonker really does exist! Anything the Dutch find is coated in chocolate and sold to the nearest tourist!

:: famous for their delicious waffles - one hour into
our trip was as long as I could last::

:: hungry yet? sorry for all the photos there is just so much to show you - oh and did i mention, the shops have samples ::

:: belgium produces 220,000 tonnes of chocolate per year. This amounts to 22kg of chocolate per person annualy (61 grammes per day) - well I think those figures increased greatly during September ::

:: this is what the fuss is about? pretty small eh ::

:: cartoons + street art ::

:: street performers ::

:: the atom - nothing special at all to be honest - back to the good stuff ::

:: cute little flower pot ::

:: this has to be the worlds largest vending machine ::

:: a waffle a day, keeps the cravings at bay ::

:: the grand place at night ::

:: lovers park, steve takes the most amazing panoramic shots so be sure to click on the image to enlarge, it feels like you are actually there ::

:: a lovers moment in the garden ::

Sunday we took to the streets in search of some Antique markets. We found a fantastic market full of brick-a-brack, vintage clothes, lace, silver cutlery, china, serving wear, books, glass, badges, broches and all things dusty and special. Steve was relieved when the markets closed at 1pm - me on the other hand, well I could have stayed there till midnight! I took some pics because I know my fellow antique/opp shoppers will be so excited - Marlz, Felicia - Check out this booty!

:: brussels antique markets - click image to enlarge ::

:: more chocolate - this is for you kay ::

:: brussels grand place - this is such a pretty square ::

:: brussels by night ::

:: yours is better dee but this was a cute florist ::

:: me @ portobello road - best markets ever ::

:: juice of the week ::

:: nothing like yours linda ::

:: What a man he was and will always be - memories of a special pop, to others a dad, a husband, a friend and to all an incredible fisherman! ::