week 8

Apologies for the post delay. We are still without internet access! Thank you for all the lovely comments. I am so glad everyone is enjoying our adventure.

Well I just couldn’t think of a better way to start this post than with
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

:: morning tea at work ::

We are still without internet access so I am sneaking in a post at work. I have been at Dresdner for almost 6 weeks now and I love it! The job was originally for two weeks after which they requested I stay until the end of August! The building is very posh - 21 levels, flat screen tellies displaying the stock exchange and financial channels, two cafes and a restaurant on the ground floor the size of Myer! The people are lovely plus the procedures, ideas and systems are quite effective. Their business tools will work well back home;)

Steve had an interview with Harrods last week - unfortunately no luck, I guess they wanted someone with less experience? I am sure whoever they select will be soft compared to Steve. After 5 years fighting crime in "Da Beenleigh Hood" Harrods would be a walk in the park. Well the search continues.

A house update: The first flat we looked at in East Dulwich was a cute one bedroom, open plan living on Lordship Lane which is the main shopping strip. It was simply perfect, in fact i
t had my name written all over it! No seriously, it was above Bonnie's Florist! Unfortunately it was a little out of our reach. We did find something equally cute just down the road. The room is at the top of a 4 bedroom, 4 story house; it's like a little cubby, so cosy and private. We have been there for 5 weeks now.

:: bonnie's florist on lordship lane ::

:: our front door ::

:: view from our bedroom window ::

:: flowers in our cute little room ::

: our kitchen ::

And something we regret seeing because now it would be unethical for us to stay, given Steve's profession and all ....

:: yes our dear landlord enjoys a spot of horticulture lol ::

So back to the drawing board. We found a room for only £98 pw! So one evening we took a look. I wish I took some pics, it was just plain scary! The kitchen was the size of a small hallway, no mod-cons, and I am being generous when I say mod-cons, her stove was from the 60's! No sink, no lights, smelt like cats mixed with witchcraft - she looked like a character from Harry Potter or something.

It's such a shame we have to move! We really like our room. And the neighbours.....

:: this is randy the squirrel - he lives in the neighbours back yard and eats all their fruit. We call him randy because each morning he tries to get a little from Mrs squirrel but she never wants a bar of it, running across the fence to the other yard ::

:: a pic of me - ok everyone happy now ::

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later - I have fallen victim to my first "Tube Flu"! I believe I am an easy target for germ-ridden travellers. Squashed between armpits and breasts, where else does the bad breath go! Anyway I found the perfect cure and kicked the bug in a week. Nothing like a daily treat of mixed berries to boost the immune system;)

Psst ......you see the berries cancel out the naughty snacks. We have this gorgeous cheese deli down the road. I find it terribly tempting to walk past without purchasing a slice or two!!

:: yummy berries ::

:: lordship lane = our local shopping steet ::

Steve took a break from the job hunting and switched to tourist mode for a trip to the London Eye with Peter - He took so many lovely pictures it was hard to cut back for the blog...

:: stonehedge ::

:: camden markets ::

:: mmmmm yumo ::

:: a few weeks ago we saw Choppers "Harden the F*#! Up World Tour" - Marty would have loved this! ::

:: something for you dee - not as good as
pink & purple petals though ::

Girls - the fashion here is fantastic! I have managed to restrain myself from making any purchases - lets see how long I last (biting nails)

:: juice of the week ::


Kay said...

Hey Bonn, looks like you've really been enjoying yourself over there!!! I am surprised though that you have been able to hold off on the clothes shopping - I know how hard that must be for you ;) Miss you heaps

Helen & Shaun said...

hey there Bonster! Love your images, particularly the product close-ups... mmmmm.... Anyway, look forward to keeping tabs on your exciting adventures. All the best - Hels xx

Tammy said...

Hi Bonster
Finally had a chance to look at your blog, love the shots, makes me want to plan my next trip to London. Wanted to give yout he news that I had my 2nd scan last week (21 weeks) and found out I'm having a girl. Any girls names suggestions?. Miss you, keep up the awesome blogging. TAM

ShereeHeath said...

Hello Bon,

I have finally found your blog, it has taken me months of texing you and searching through all sources of contact and YAY I have finally found you!!!! Just wanted to see how you are - we are well, not sure if you got my messages before you left but you have arrived safely - you both sound like you are having a blast - Talk soon. Miss you
Sheree xxx

GW said...

Hi Bon: Green with envy doesn't even begin to cover it. Still love reading about your adventures though. Jann and I had a week of free skiing in NZ last week so can't complain too much I guess. Stay safe and ENJOY!