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So much to blog about and so little time. A lot has happened since I blogged last;

:: the beginning of my solo adventures here in london ::
:: my first time (in the snow) ::
:: fusen, munich, paris ::
:: my first music festival ::
:: humming bird bakery - pret a porte @ berkley - borough markets ::
:: a move to east london ::
:: a muppet flat mate ::

Over the next few weeks I will try and catch up. If you simply can't wait and would like to skip ahead my pictures are on facebook.


Sheree Heath said...

Hello Bonnie,

Its like you just disappeared. Been thinking of you lots, wondering how your travelling is going, do you miss home, are you coming home? Anyway please email me soon, would love to hear that you are okay!

Love Sheree xxx

Sheree Heath said...

Hey Babe, tried to leave a message here before but didn't want to commute. I hope all is going well, miss you heaps. Looking forward to seeing you soon. I hope the travels are going well. Love Sheree xxx